29. February 2024 Press release

CO2 storage in the Danish North Sea: EUDP-supported CCS study approaches final conclusions

The EUDP-supported CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) development and demonstration project – Bifrost – aims to develop a concept for storing CO2 in the Danish North Sea subsoil, has entered its final phase. The project provides insight into the technical, operational, and socio-economic aspects of the development of CO2 storage in the North Sea and has produced interesting results on several fronts.

21. November 2023 News article

New study: National consensus on climate change mitigation technologies

A new study by DTU researchers explores how Danes feel about different climate change mitigation technologies, such as wind power, solar power, nuclear power, and carbon capture and storage (CCS). The study is part of Project Bifrost, which aims to develop a concept for CO2 transportation and storage in the Danish North Sea

30. August 2023 News article

New study: National support for CCS offshore

Part of Project Bifrost is to understand how CO2 storage is perceived in the broader population, see work package 11. In a new survey study, researchers at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have explored the acceptance of landscape specific climate change mitigation technologies in the Danish population.

Among other findings, the study shows that a majority of Danes support CO2 storage offshore despite the fact that the technology is new to the Danes who only have limited knowledge of it. The study also reconfirms the general tendency that people prefer climate change mitigation technologies offshore over nearshore and onshore.

4. October 2022 Press release

TotalEnergies increases its ambition to store CO2 in the Danish North Sea

TotalEnergies has applied to the Danish Energy Agency for a license to explore CO2 storage potential in the Danish North Sea. The application covers an area including the Harald fields and a nearby saline aquifer. In the Harald fields, TotalEnergies is already assessing the CO2 storage opportunity of depleted gas reservoirs within the framework of the Bifrost project

8. December 2021 Press release

Noreco: Successful Grant of EUDP Funding from Danish Authorities for CCS Project Bifrost

Norwegian Energy Company ASA (“Noreco” or the “Company”) is together with its partners in Project Bifrost pleased to announce the successful award of funding under the ‘Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme’ (EUDP), a Danish public subsidy scheme. Project Bifrost’s funding request of DKK 75 million was met in full by the Danish authorities and is a key enabler in maturing a CO2 transportation and storage concept in the Danish North Sea.